Saturday, 4 February 2017

Full download hot english magazine Number 142 with Audio

Learn and Improve English with Hot English Magazine 140 Book and Audio Full

HOT ENGLISH MAGAZINE, NUMBER 142Are you English Learners who need English resources to help in study? if yes, this post will help you to find English materials for studying English. Let me tell an audio book,  Hot English Magazine 142.
Hot English Magazine is an audio book that shares any kinds of topic not only speaking but also grammar idiom, and phrasal-verb. Learn English with the Hot English. English for all levels (easy – advanced). A monthly magazine for learning English: readings (current topics, words explained) + listening (lots of accents) + exercises + videos. Idioms, phrasal verbs, useful expressions, grammar, vocabulary. Learn faster because it’s fun!Learn 20 really useful idioms, 25 English words for talking about buildings and structures, 20 new phrasal verbs and idioms. This book is very important for you if you are studying english and intend to improve the English skills. i think this book is very useful for us to make our english better than before. the material given on this book are :
• 20 useful expressions for greeting someone on a special day.
• Learn real English in ‘Natural English’ + ‘Group Talk’ sections
• Learn 16 new Idioms (Health & Sickness) and Phrasal Verbs (buying a house)
• Learn 15 new slang words/expressions for talking aboout relationships
• Entrepreneur Corner – top tips from the founder of Amazon: Jeff Bezos!
• Business News – the tourist industry
• Technology – how safe are tasers (electrical stun guns)?
• Culture – was Monty Python the funniest show on TV?
• Traditions – read about an unusual festival
• Architecture – find out about four unusual buildings in London
• Theater – was Shakespeare the world’s first psychologist?
• Dance – learn how to do 5 popular dances.
• Culture – The Slow Movement
• Vocabulary Clinic - Learn 12 Advanced words to talk about medicine and health
• Word Booster – learn 12 expressions with the verb to take.
• Television – understand a scene from a Monty Python sketch
• Food – find out how to make flat bread
• Music in English! – read about Frank Sinatra and listen to some of his songs!
• Technology – Find out about some unusual people to follow on Twitter
• Grammar Booster – learn about the future with will
This book also will help you upgrading your pronounciation because it has audio to listen. you will learn many things ab
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