Friday, 17 February 2017

What's Up: A Guide to American College Speak ( Slang/Idiom)

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Are you going to study aboard or join on International Community? You should prepare harder to realise it. In Native English Speaker Countries, There are so many words spoken in certain condition weather formal or informal. People who come at college or university will have new environment with friends and community. you must be able to adapt not only in college environment but also in new country.
An essential reference tool for any international students attending college in the U.S., this informative dictionary features the most common slang and idioms used on college campuses across the nation. Students who attend at the American Universities must report their language skills by taking International Actual test exam like TOEFL or IELTS. on the TOEFL test, there are also a part tested understanding using Idiom or phrasal verb. perhaps the students already passe the Exam officially but English is not only about formal Context but also informal. So that why learning " Slang and Idiom" is very important to be able to adjust in new country and environment. A guide to American College Speak ( Slang and Idiom ) is the book that you need to make yout english get better. by learning from this book, you will know how to use slang or idiom on colorful or informal words in casual speech, and idioms are phrase that have non-literal meaning.
The purpose of this book, A Guide to American College Speak, is not to make you look cool, but it will tell and make you familiar with the words that common used in American College life.

How to Download the book

You are free to download and use this book in independent-study or classroom, and it is not to resell for any reason. only for educational purpose use.
Download A Guide to American College Speak Idiom and Slang 
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